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AD Magazine - NEW MODES: Redefining Practice


AD Magazine - NEW MODES: Redefining Practice

We are honoured to be featured alongside contributors and practices that we admire in AD Magazine guest edited by alma-nac.

New Modes: Redefining Practice. Vol 88.

New modes of practice are emerging in the architectural profession, challenging conventional notions of ‘The Architect’. A quiet revolution is occurring. Architects from around the globe are slowly reclaiming the notion of architecture as something more pro-active, self-aware and political; a discipline that should ultimately work towards the collective good.


Shumi Bose, Indy Johar, Alison Killing, Brian McGrath, Douglas Murphy, Leon van Schaik, Finn Williams

Featured Practices:

atelier d’architecture autogeree (AAA), die Baupiloten, Carl Turner Architects, GutGut, Hector, Inteligencias Colectivas, raumlaborberlin, studioBASAR, TallerKEN, TOMA, We Made That.

More here and here.



Resources for community regeneration

CIVIC WORKSHOPS is a collaboration model between citizens and urban professionals. The project develops tools for collaborative planning and civic involvement for co-producing the city.

The 2018 edition of the project involved two civic initiative groups and architects, landscape architects and community organizers.

During the final event of the project a brochure with info and guidance will be launched.

More details here. (only in Romanian)

Resources for community regeneration is a project coordinate by studioBASAR and co-financed by the Romanian Order of Architects through Architecture Stamp Funds.

Partners: Bucharest Community Foundation, Landscape Association Bucharest.




21.11.2018 - 27.01.2018

Mystetskyi Arsenal

Kyi, Ukraine



Francis Alÿs (BE), Lara Baladi (EG), James Beckett (ZA), Maksym Bilousov (UA), Marinus Boezem (NL), Adelita Husni-Bey (IT), Irina Botea (RO), Nazar Bilyk (UA), Latifa Echakhch (MA), Harun Farocki (CZ), Jack Goldstein (CA), Hamza Halloubi (MA), Yuriy Hrytsyna (UA), Iman Issa (EG), Illya Isupov (UA), Alevtina Kakhidze (UA), Lesia Khomenko (UA), Sasha Kurmaz (UA), Dariia Kuzmych (UA), Cristina Lucas (ES), Basim Magdy (EG), Lev Manovich (RU), Olexa Mann (UA), Olaf Nicolai (GE), Maria Plotnikova (UA), Leticia Ramos (BR), Vlada Ralko (UA), Fernando Sanchez Castillo (ES), Wolfgang Tillmans (GE), Mona Vatamanu (RO) & Florin Tudor (RO), Vova Vorotniov (UA), Pavel Wolberg (RU). With the participation of the Planning for Protest, Mystetskyi Barbican, Strike Poster, Piotr Armianovski, Aftermath VR: Euromaidan. The exhibition also presents artifacts from the National Museum of the Revolution of Dignity collection.

Project curators:

Kateryna Filyuk (Ukraine), Nathanja van Dijk (Netherlands)

Exhibition architecture:

studioBASAR (RO)

Many thanks to Andrei Pripasu and Claudia Trufaş.


National Art and Culture Museum Complex Mystetskyi Arsenal, National Memorial Complex of Heroes of Heavenly Hundred - Museum of the Revolution of Dignity, A Tale of a Tub (Netherlands).

Award BETA - Timişoara Architectural Biennale



The Trailer for Research and Activation (RCA) was awarded a prize at the category Initiatives/ Experiments/ Visions in Architecture, within BETA – Timişoara Architectural Biennale, the most articulate architectural event in the region. Thank you to the jury and congratulations to all the participants from this category, which illustrates a remarkable series of engaged local practices..


As design is use, thus the Trailer functioned as an alternative instrument for the production of public and community space, and as an emancipator way for its users. The metallic structure, plated with wooden panels and loaded in a trailer wouldn’t become ‘The Trailer’ if it wasn’t intensively used by Biblioteca Metropolitană București, Grupul de Iniţiativă Civică Încotroceni, Grupul de Iniţiativă Civică Cişmigiu, Grupul de Inițiativă Civică Bucureștii Noi, Asociatia Volum Art, Ziua Vecinilor, which opened it up within the past 2 years and a half for more than 40 events throught Bucharest’s neighbourhoods and its metropolitan towns.

The Trailer is still open for use towards any person or organization wishing to activate in the public space.

The Trailer for Research and Activation (RCA) is a project coordinated by studioBASAR and financed through the Mobilizing Excellency Program, created by Porsche Romania and developed together with Bucharest Community Foundation.

Mai multe detalii despre RCA aici, aici şi aici.



On 9 December 2016 the Architectural Association in London hosted the event “The Bedford Tapes”, which brought together architects and experts from all over Europe.

NEW COMMONS FOR EUROPE captures the vitality and the doubts of a new generation of architects living at a key moment in the history of the European Union and questioning the role of the profession and the architect’s ability to produce projects and spaces for the common good with an alternative set of resources and profit structure. After the conference a series of interviews were conducted with participants in London, Berlin, Brussels, Paris, Lisbon, and Bucharest. The book chronicles both the event and the interviews, which have developed into an ongoing European conversation between architectural figures that takes a new reading of the boundaries of the discipline and its interactions with political, economic, and social factors.

Texts: Holly Lewis - We Made That, Mathieu Delorme, Aurélien Delchet - Atelier Georges, Alex Axinte, Cristi Borcan - studioBASAR, Anthony Engi Meacock - Assemble, Jack Self - REAL, Tiago Moita Saraiva - Ateliermob, Markus Bader - Raumlabor.

Edited by Flavien Menu.

You can order the book here.

Discussion: The purpose of community centers in Bucharest


Tei Community Center - A space of collaboration and solidarity!

Lacul Tei Civic Initiative Group in partnership with CeRe: Resource Center for public participation and studioBASAR invites you at a discussion about the purpose of citizen initiated community centers and their role in activating the community. The discussion will be based on the experience of Tei Community Center.

National Cultural Fund Prize


Two of our projects - Tei Community Centre and City School - won the National Cultural Fund Prize in “Cultural activation in relation to the public space” category. Our thanks goes to the jury, the teams, the participants and everyone involved.

For the first time together, now on the stage, and maybe in the future in practice, the two projects coordinated by studioBASAR during the last two years, demonstrate that even in Bucharest the collaboration between citizens, public institutions, universities, cultural associations and professionals in possible.

More about Tei Community Centre here.

More about City School here and here.