We are honored and grateful for the prize for the design of the REVOLUTIONIZE exhibition at BETA Competition in Timișoara.

The exhibition took place at Mystetskyi Arsenal in Kyiv, Ukraine between 21.11.2018-27.01.2019.

Design team: Alex Axinte, Cristi Borcan, Andrei Pripasu
Project curators: Kateryna Filyuk, Nathanja van Dijk
Organizers: Mystetskyi Arsenal, Maidan Museum, A Tale of a Tub Foundation
Photos: Bohdan Poshyvailo

REVOLUTIONIZE was an international research and exhibition project that brought together art and museum institutions from Ukraine and the Netherlands. 30 contemporary artists and art groups from 15 countries through the language of installation, painting, multimedia, video and photo spoke about the revolutionary events, and analyzed the revolution as a social phenomenon. A personal, critical, and retrospective view focused on a special historical event - the Revolution of Dignity. The exhibition also presented artifacts from the National Museum of the Revolution of Dignity collection.

The art exhibition marked the 5th anniversary of the Revolution of Dignity (Euromaidan) as well as the 15th anniversary of the Orange Revolution in Ukraine. The design aimed to spatialize the continuous (re)construction of the history usually seen as a singular and directional narrative. By introducing partition walls through the existing spaces of the historical building of Mystetskyi Arsenal, a series of smaller interconnected spaces were created. These spatial situations were acting as a framework for the construction of multiple temporary stories that emphasized the diverse interpretations and visions of the artists.






Citiziens and the City in Ecological Transition


Organizers: Alex Axinte, Cristi Borcan, Andra Dumitru, Vera Marin, Ruxandra Mocanu, Alexandra Ștef.

The second part of the event organized in November 2019. The event is focusing on building a platform for knowledge production and support for local action.

More details here (only in Romanian).