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Curry Stone Design Prize - Social Design Circle 2017


We are proud to be recognized as a 2017 Social Design Circle Honoree by the Curry Stone Design Prize. Read all about it on www.currystonedesignprize.com

Celebrating 10 years of existence, the Curry Stone Design Prize 2017 will honor 100 practices around the world that contributed to the socially engaged design movement.

We are very happy to be amongst the Ecosistema Urbano, EXYST, Raumlaborberlin and Collectif Etc. in this month category: Can design reclaim public space?

This prize goes also to all of our team members, collaborators, partners and friends, whom we worked with in the past 10 years of studioBASAR. Thank you!

More here: http://currystonedesignprize.com/socialdesigncircle/

EcoDa International Symposium


Alex Axinte (studioBASAR) and Anca Ivan (Biblioteca Metropolitană București - BMB) will take part in the EcoDA International Symposium: ‘Open source Urban Resilience’, that will take place at University of Sheffield, on 25-26 May 2017. The Symposium is the conclusive moment of the two-year European project EcoDA, Experimental co-Design Approaches, coordinated by Cora Baibarac Duignan and Doina Petrescu. The project has investigated ways of scaling community resilience practices and opportunities for using digital technologies to assist this. Among a number of local organizations from UK and France, studioBASAR and BMB have been involved in the project. During the EcoDA residency in Bucharest, which took place in February - March 2017, several workshops took place about the use of digital tools on projects, like BiblioLAB. More about Symposium HERE.

Site update - Tei Community Center


Tei Community Center: http://www.studiobasar.ro/?p=8284&lang=en

Update site

The harvest of the studioBASAR’s projects of the last year: education, actions, equipments, studies and plans for the future, from now on updated on the site.


City School: http://www.studiobasar.ro/?p=7136&lang=en

Trailer for Research and Activation: http://www.studiobasar.ro/?p=7133&lang=en

Summer School: http://www.studiobasar.ro/?p=7788&lang=en

Social Craftmanship: http://www.studiobasar.ro/?p=7058&lang=en

My place - the Courtyard: http://www.studiobasar.ro/?p=6926&lang=en

Proposed Situation. Existing Situation: http://www.studiobasar.ro/?p=6806&lang=en

Some simple thruths

From a conversation with Yona Friedman, Architect & Pioneer

Interview realized by: Alex Axinte and Cristi Borcan (studioBASAR)
With the support of: Romanian Cultural Institute in Paris, in the framework of the RDC program (Residences de Creation)
Edited by: Roxana Szel
Period: discussion - 4 January 2011; realization of the film - July 2012.



From his home transformed in the model of his own dreams, Yona Friedman is telling about the possible utopia, where the architects learns from the people and where the constructions are more elastic and the living more flexible. The story links few key episodes in his life, like the participation in the CIAM X, the launch of the manifesto Mobile Architecture, or the meeting with Le Corbusier, but also some moments of accumulation and reflection, like his temporary residence in Bucharest in 1945.