Some simple thruths

From a conversation with Yona Friedman, Architect & Pioneer

Interview realized by: Alex Axinte and Cristi Borcan (studioBASAR)
With the support of: Romanian Cultural Institute in Paris, in the framework of the RDC program (Residences de Creation)
Edited by: Roxana Szel
Period: discussion - 4 January 2011; realization of the film - July 2012.


From his home transformed in the model of his own dreams, Yona Friedman is telling about the possible utopia, where the architects learns from the people and where the constructions are more elastic and the living more flexible. The story links few key episodes in his life, like the participation in the CIAM X, the launch of the manifesto Mobile Architecture, or the meeting with Le Corbusier, but also some moments of accumulation and reflection, like his temporary residence in Bucharest in 1945.