Discussion: The purpose of community centers in Bucharest


Tei Community Center - A space of collaboration and solidarity!

Lacul Tei Civic Initiative Group in partnership with CeRe: Resource Center for public participation and studioBASAR invites you at a discussion about the purpose of citizen initiated community centers and their role in activating the community. The discussion will be based on the experience of Tei Community Center.

National Cultural Fund Prize


Two of our projects - Tei Community Centre and City School - won the National Cultural Fund Prize in “Cultural activation in relation to the public space” category. Our thanks goes to the jury, the teams, the participants and everyone involved.

For the first time together, now on the stage, and maybe in the future in practice, the two projects coordinated by studioBASAR during the last two years, demonstrate that even in Bucharest the collaboration between citizens, public institutions, universities, cultural associations and professionals in possible.

More about Tei Community Centre here.

More about City School here and here.