The Generator

Team: Alex Axinte, Cristi Borcan, Tudor Elian, Radu Lesevschi, Diana Stănciulescu
2009 - Aviaţiei district, 2010 - Verona terrace, 2010 Moşilor district, Bucharest
October 2009, October 2010

The installation was done in October 2009, following the invitation of the Magic Blocks project and was located in Aviaţiei district.

The intervention is part of an action focused on a case study: an Urban Island in Aviaţiei District, where we initiated several public debates, in the form of Extraordinary Meetings of the Tenants, and where we presented to the actual beneficiaries the principles developed during the Magic Blocks workshop. 0122


During such meetings, we also promoted the first intervention in the area, i.e. The Generator of Public Space: a multi-purpose, modular, OSB object, with a temporary life, but with possibilities of relocation within the precincts of the block.


The proposal “was adopted,” and the object-gift was placed in the first, linear situation, on the side of a “gate of access” inside the island of blocks, on a non-conflictual limit which was not reclaimed by anyone: a concrete step, a constructive remnant joined to the massive rear wall.


The activity concentrator functioned both as a piece of urban furniture with multiple uses (chess table, bench, pedestal, skateboard ramp), attracting the children who climb it or make drawings on it, and the young people after night fall, or the employees of the bank during their smoke break, but also functioning as a red speaking tube promoting the next project. 16117118219

P.S.1 After almost 9 months of non-conflictual location, The Generator was removed by force, falling victim to an action of landscape cleaning and improvement by the authorities leaving behind a non-community space and disappointed inhabitants.


P.S.2 The Generator found a new use, contributing to the activation of a multipurpose place (playground, meeting place) in Calea Moşilor area, an action generated within the Magic Blocks 2010 intervention.