A Place in Tei

Coordinators: Alex Axinte, Cristi Borcan
Participants in „Tei in Action” Idea Workshop: Irina Dincu, Ioana Maria Rusu, Dorin Moldoveanu, Silvia Cruceanu, Cristian Rădulescu, Andreea Ştefan, Elena Necula, Andreea Toma, Carmen Ungureanu, Ioana Sascha, Andreea Livia Ivanovici, Matei Dinu, Marina Dragu, Dima George-Cristian (”Lacul Tei” Group of Civic Initiative)
Participants in „A Place in Tei” Building Workshop: Matei David, Anca Marin, Mihai-Justin Ailene, Mădălina Marin, Cosmin Tiberiu Scorcealof, George-Cristian Dima, Ana Gurduza

„Tei în Acţiune” is a project coordinated by studioBASAR within the framework of the project „Urban Spaces in Action”, coordinated by Komunitas Association.
More details about the project:


Student Idea Workshop
Based on the conclusions of the socio-anthropological report “A Neighbourhood in Bucharest”, we organized a workshop during which several working scenarios for the intervention stage were outlined. Out of these scenarios, we have chosen two situations to be elaborated, and in which the possible partners could ensure a high degree of sustainability after the completion of the actions of the “Spaces in Action project”. Thus, a public cultural institution with an existing network in the neighbourhoods - the Bucharest Metropolitan Library (BML) - and an active group of citizens - “Lacul Tei” Group of Civic Initiative (LTGCI) - established the basis for the two actions. The conclusion of the partnerships resulted in two major directions for the project: the community activation and the presence of culture in the neighbourhoods. Thus, the structures and the actions related to their implementation acted like fuel in the process of consolidation of such partnerships.

Idea Workshop with “Lacul Tei” Group of Civic Initiative
“Tei in Action” was financed by Romanian Order of Architects - Bucharest, in the framework of 2015 Architecture Annual.
Following a workshop attended by the members of the “Lacul Tei” Group of Civic Initiative (LTGCI), we sketched two scenarios - the “Pavilion” and the “Amphitheatre” - that outlined the residents’ access to and involvement in the operating mechanisms of a park.




The Pavilion
Together with LTGCI and the park management we decided to build the “Pavilion” in 2 stages: first the base, consisting of a platform, a bench and an information sign, to be followed by an action subsequent to the “Urban Spaces in Action” project, adding a light covering structure. The location of the “Pavilion” - a concrete platform bearing three wooden benches - is one of the Group’s meeting places. Thus, the intervention has as its purpose the functional and spatial consolidation of a symbolic landmark for many of the park’s users.



The permitting of the “Pavilion” was a process as unclear as in the case of the other permits granted within the project. In this case, however, the specific difference consisted of the uncertainty regarding the permitting institution, which we discovered after a game of institutional Ping-Pong.

Building Workshop
Having finally obtained the permits, and with the support of the Park’s Management, we started the workshop. We prefabricated part of the structure in the workshop and set it up in the park, collectively with a team of volunteer architecture students. The workshop opened on the side of a busy alley gave voice to the project and action. The passers-by would stop, curious at first, then interested in the Group’s actions, and finally happy with such civic initiative in their neighbourhood, and, at the same time, happy that the park was being assigned new functions.





Ultimately, the structure was inaugurated collectively with the members of the “Lacul Tei” Group of Civic Initiative. The information sign, where materials about the Group and its actions were posted, attracted occasional passers-by, but also certain residents of the neighbourhood who came specifically for the occasion. A postal box was set up on the sign and the Group members took possession of it, waiting to collect suggestions and proposals from the residents. Thus, “Lacul Tei” Group of Civic Initiative opened a communication window right there in the Circus Park.






Besides the spatial and functional transformation of the park, the structure started functioning as a form of fuel for the Group’s future actions, only shortly after being inaugurated.

Christmas Carols 2015