Social Craftsmanship

Organizer: Solitude Project
Tutors: Alex Axinte, Cristi Borcan.
Participants: Ichim Laura, Sălăvăstru Ştefan, Bobric Sabina, Albu Vlad, Claudia Moraru, Banu Crina, Bogdan Bălan.
Period: 28-29 October 2016.

The workshop ‘Social Craftsmanship’ was hosted by gallery and coordinated by studioBASAR within the project ‘Yona Friedman: the Architecture without building’, curated by Nikolett Eross and Hajnalka Somogyi and organized by Assocition Solitude Project.

In an interview from 2011, Yona Friedman observed that “one of the difficulties of the architectural education that is closing completely onto craftsmanship. That’s very important, but there are other things, the social side is very important.” This was a starting point for a workshop that will explore Yona Friedman’s realizable utopias, applying to the local context his visions from projects like Meuble Plus.


Yona Friedman - “Meuble Plus”

For two days, we transformed the gallery in an experimental and production space where we extended the project Meuble Plus also towards the production of public equipments, generating social interaction. We investigated Bucharest’s contemporary condition and we identified different agents that can contribute to the co-production of the city, like: the civic groups, the schools and the public libraries.





Within the workshop we produced two prototypes of equipments that can work also as practical and tactical tools for the production of public and community space. Adaptable, flexible and transformable, these public space kits have been tested in the gallery and one of them goes in service for Space X, a “non-formal space that supports the creativity” attached to the “Emil Gârleanu” branch of Bucharest’s Metropolitan Library.