The Seductivness of the Interval - competition

National competition organized by the Romanian Ministry of Culture, for the project that represented Romania at the 53-rd edition of the Art Biennale in Venice, 2009.

Team: Ştefan Constantinescu, Andrea Faciu, Ciprian Mureşan - artisti, Alina Şerban - curator, studioBASAR - exhibition design, Livia Andreea Ivanovici - collaborator.
The Romanian Pavilion, Venetia, Italy

1st place.

Answering the invitation of the curator Alina Serban and of the artists Stefan Constantinescu, Andrea Faciu, Ciprian Muresan, we introduce inside the pavilion a sculptural object, not aligned with the main room, which contains a sequence of cells that builds up an expositional track which guides the watcher, encouraging a visual, physical and non-verbal. the architectural and conceptual structure encloses viewers within a spatial and temporal interval, with which they become complicit. Within the framework of this structure the pursue an unfolding of the viewing experience that reaches a crescendo, directing a constrictive path through the exhibition space, marked by stage-set and mise-en-scene elements. The transition from one work to another is achieved by transit of a series of intermediate spaces – passages, corridors, interstices – which function both as hiatuses and as zones that disrupt the narrative flux which arises from traversal of the exhibition in time.