studioBASAR was established in 2006 by Alex Axinte and Cristi Borcan, both as an architectural studio and a Search-and-Rescue team, that acts as an agent of urban observation and intervention. In the past years, studioBASAR developed several chapters of the Search-and-Rescue: City project, as a strategic search that investigates the dynamics of the contemporary Bucharest. These chapters aim is to adapt to the local urban conditions by developing negotiation tools, and in the same time by drawing attention on marginal and trivial topics such as banality, improvisation or illegality as active ingredients of the local urban culture. The projects of studioBASAR range from art installations, urban research, educational formats, public space interventions and community projects, to competitions and different typologies of residential and public buildings.

In 2009 studioBASAR did the exhibition design for The Seductiveness of the Interval project as the Romanian Pavilion at the Art Biennale in Venice, itinerated in 2010 at The Renaissance Society in Chicago, and in 2010 published the book Evicting the Ghost. Architectures of Survival, awarded Best Book at the Bucharest Architectural Annual. In 2014, the project Public Bath was finalist at European Prize for Urban Public Space, and in 2016 Alex Axinte and Cristi Borcan were the curators of One Architecture Week form Plovdiv, Bulgaria.


Cristi Borcan (1979)

Alex Axinte (1979)

Previously part of the team:

George Marinescu

Maria Daria Oancea

Ana-Maria Ţoni

Pavel Uličný

Simina Purcaru

Anna Eckenweber

Radu Leşevschi

Livia Andreea Ivanovici

Mircea Adrian

Marius Mitran

Contributors to projects:

Matei David

Tudor Elian

Diana Stănciulescu

Ioana Păvălucă

Alin Voitescu

Andrei Pripasu

Cristi Stoian

Iulia Radion

Diana Buţa